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Thursday, November 1, 2012

H-A-double L-o-W-Double e-N spells...


After getting our costumes and make up on...we posed for pics.
Millie is doing a lot of copying her sister lately.
She wanted to do the same in the picture.

 Crew wasn't feeling his costume at first...and since he was crying.
You know who had to join in! She just will not be outdone! 

However, we practiced putting candy in her pumpkin (so she would know what was happening)...
she quickly figures out she could take it out and eat it.
This was going to be a cinch!
We headed downtown to Neewollah.  
"I'm ready! Let's show them hos it's done!"
We got candy, popsicles and chips.
it was a good time.
 After going downtown, we headed to Noah's neighborhood.
The wee ones weren't holding up very well, so we got the wagon out to help!
After finishing up the neighborhood...we headed to Mammy's for stew and handing out candy.
Millie almost didn't make it.
...goldfish down...
But she rallied and we had a couple more pit stops.
Both girls had a fantastic night.
And we all slept in the next day...Oops!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Love To "Halloween" Dance

Every year Miss Emily lets the girls dress up in their costumes for the last half of class.
And they do a couple silly dances to Halloween music.
Ainsley loves it.

Millie watched...but just couldn't stand to not be joining in.

Aren't they so cute?!?!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Party

At Ainsley's school...they don't get do to Halloween.
No costumes.
No parties.

So I spoke with her teacher and decided we should do a Pumpkin Painting Party.
The parents send a few dollars and the moms got baby pumpkins and supplies and we all made pumpkins.
Ainsley was so proud of hers!
Then a couple kids brought fun snacks to share.
They were so hyped up...
It was a fun afternoon!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Niece #2

Kambelle Suzaynn Willard
October 10, 2012
7lbs 4oz - 20in.

and good thing she matched the other 2....because we aren't giving her back!

They just wanted to get a look!

All four LOVE her.  She is one lucky baby.
(because it really could have gone the other way!)

Pumpkin Patch

Mammy and I checked the girls out of school a little early so we could go visit new baby Kambelle.
But one the way...we made a stop!
I don't know if Millie knew what was going on, but she had a blast once we let her run free.
and the others had been there before so they ran crazy, too.
Of course, we started with the mandatory pictures...
 Millie just isn't too crazy about getting her picture made.
Then on to the animals...

DanDan just had to take us through the maize.  Let me tell you...Mammy and I took the kids through the maize a couple years ago and got lost.  We were in there at least 45 minutes. And did not want to try again. 
But good ole' Dan...he had them pumped.
and we RAN through the entire thing!

They loved it.  I was carrying Millie and taking pics...and just tried to keep up!
And we went on a hayride...which Millie felt the need to stand the entire time...I mean, who wouldn't?!!
By then we needed a snack...
Then it was time to PLAY!

This is my favorite part....
Mammy had the girls pose in front of a scarecrow.  Dan decided to stand behind it and scare them by putting his arms through. Mammy got the posed picture, but I got the during picture.  It's priceless.
(one of these days I'll get mammys phone and get the other pics)
As always, we had to pick out our pumpkins to take home.
This was Millie's favorite part!

More mandatory pictures...then off to see the new baby!

We were exhausted.