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Thursday, November 1, 2012

H-A-double L-o-W-Double e-N spells...


After getting our costumes and make up on...we posed for pics.
Millie is doing a lot of copying her sister lately.
She wanted to do the same in the picture.

 Crew wasn't feeling his costume at first...and since he was crying.
You know who had to join in! She just will not be outdone! 

However, we practiced putting candy in her pumpkin (so she would know what was happening)...
she quickly figures out she could take it out and eat it.
This was going to be a cinch!
We headed downtown to Neewollah.  
"I'm ready! Let's show them hos it's done!"
We got candy, popsicles and chips.
it was a good time.
 After going downtown, we headed to Noah's neighborhood.
The wee ones weren't holding up very well, so we got the wagon out to help!
After finishing up the neighborhood...we headed to Mammy's for stew and handing out candy.
Millie almost didn't make it.
...goldfish down...
But she rallied and we had a couple more pit stops.
Both girls had a fantastic night.
And we all slept in the next day...Oops!

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