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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let's get it started...

I'm making the switch!  For so long, I could only blog about Ainsley.  And now it's about ALL OF US!

We started the new year as family!  Joe and I drank our champagne and Ainsley slept as the ball dropped and brought us into 2010.  We have high hopes for this year. 
We will all be a year older-Ainsley will be 3 this year!  And, if all things go well, will start a preschool class. 
She is so big these days.  She's talking more and much more clear. 
We all made resolutions.  Just the normal for Joe and I.  Every year we say we are going to lose weight-and then the year passes.  I think that food is just WAY to good to pass up somedays.  Not to mention my strong addiction to Pepsi!  We made resolutions for Ainsley, as well.  But I think they are going to require much more work from her parents!

Ainsley's Resolutions
1) to sleep in her own bed
2) to only use her bink at bedtime

We shall see!!  :) 
I hope that everyone who reads our blog will enjoy hearing about our crazy life!

More to come soon!


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