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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Joe's Birthday

Joseph Lee Neal was born on January 2nd.  I have had the pleasure of celebrating five birthdays with this man.  Let me tell you about him. 

Joe, the person:
Some of you know the quiet guy who just stands around and goes with the flow.  His yearbook stats are FANTASTIC!  He is completely and utterly one of the smartest people I know.  He is also very modest.  He believes in right and wrong; that there is no "inbetween".  He works hard and plays hard.  He likes to watch TV....ok, he likes to watch sports.  He can sit and watch a football game and never say a word.  That doesn't mean that he is unhappy or bored.  He takes it all in.  He watches, he listens and he observes.  I think sometimes he is still amazed by what greatness people see in him.  I remember telling my mom that he was one of the nicest people I'd ever met.  He doesn't talk just to "talk".  When he says something, it's worth listening to.  He just does what he's supposed to do.

Joe, the husband:
This man is my partner.  He listens to me talk and talk...and never do I feel like he is being bothered.  :)
He always tells me that he appreciates me.  He always says thank you-even when I didn't do anything.  He isn't afraid to dress up on Halloween.  He even got along with my crazy ideas!  He is my perfect match.  We are so much alike and so different that we fit together perfectly.  When we first started dating, I never felt uncomfortable around him.  And I know with all my heart, this husband of mine doesn't even know how perfect he is.

Joe, the father:
This is a man I fall in love with everyday.  I knew the moment we found out we were having a girl, Joe would change in a way he never expected.  At first, he didn't know what to do with her. (As most first dads are) But as she got older and began playing, he jumped right in.  They run and play and sing together.  She fixes his hair.  They eat plastic dinners at her table together.  They watch her "toons" and sing all the songs.  He is her favorite toy.  At anytime during the evening, I can find the two of them with "babies" or dancing to a Yo Gabba Gabba show. He is never too harsh-but not too easy with her either.  He only wants the best for her and is willing to do whatever it takes.  His face changes when I tell him about her day.  He is the only other person in the world who finds her as amusing as I do! Not to mention that they look EXACTLY alike!!

I love this man unlike I love anyone else in the world.  He has given me everything I've ever dreamed of.  I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful child, a home and he supports me.  Even when I don't know that he even wants to! 

Joe, you are everything to me.  I love you!  Happy Birthday!


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  1. Sounds like the Joe that I know. He is a good man and a great person.