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Monday, January 25, 2010

4 years and counting...

"Great things are not done by impluse, but by a series of small things brought together."  -Vincent Van Gough

And while it's a little late....Joe and I have now been married 4 years.  While that doesn't seem like much to those who took the road before us, we are very much elated to have one another. We were married on January 21, 2006.  And let me tell you, it was the best decision I've ever made. 
We got engaged on Febuary 4, 2005...in my mothers living room.  Nothing especially fancy or put together, just Joe on one knee.  And that's what made it so real and perfect for me.  Due to some family "complications", we actually had three wedding dates.  (Feb 28, Feb 4, Jan 28) And somehow, Jan 21st stuck!  :)  We were engaged 50 weeks...almost to the day.  It was a long stretch, but completely worth it.
In March I picked out my wedding dress and my bridesmaids dresses.   In May, I again picked out my wedding dress and my bridesmaids dresses.  And, I'm pretty sure I did the final picking in September!  (sweet Sandy tried on so many, I don't know if she knew which one she was wearing until I delivered it to her)  Shower after shower after shower, we were so blessed with everyone's support.  We wanted our wedding party to be mainly family.  My uncle married us...my family sang...our siblings were our maids and men.  We included some of our dear friends, also.  But when looking back on the people we chose, we wanted them to be family.  Of course, Joe has more siblings than I do so Smalls had to step in!  NONE (and I say it loudly) NONE of our wedding party actually lived in Chickasha, so we had to make some effort. 

(Top: Noah Willard, John Neal, Derek Hillman, Thad Dobson, Jay Neal)
(Bottom: Skip Weast, Amanda Evans, Sandy Willard, me & Joe, Candice Neal, Josh Neal)

Music was harder for me.  When I hear a song on the radio, it takes me to a certain place or event.  I wanted the music in my wedding to be special to me.  That when I heard it, I would feel like I was there.  The music I chose was Broken Road by Rascal Flatts; Something Like You by Nsync; Baby I Love Your Way by Peter Frampton and When God Made You by Newsong/Natalie Grant.   I didn't want common wedding music...it needed to be just mine.  Our ceremony from beginning to end lasted approximately 17 minutes.  That part was just for us.  But we wanted to enjoy our guests, especially since most of them drove in for the event.  And boy was it ever a fun party!  We danced our first dance to Shining Star by The Manhattans. (not that Joe ever remembers that!)  We danced the night away with our friends and family and returned to our little rented house with gifts!  It was fantastic!  We spent our wedding night in a "cheap" motel.  There are some memories that can't be traded!  LOL

I never got cold feet.  I was completely calm about everything up to and during the wedding.  I wasn't nervous...no shaking hands....compete calm.  That is how I knew this was the right decision.  For three years up until I ran into Joe that night-I had been in a miserable relationship.  I knew I wasn't in the right place.  I knew this other guy wasn't for me.  And somehow, I got to the point where I knew nothing would ever come along until I made it happen.  I would never feel like my fairytale was true unless I opened the door for the opportunity.  And seven days after I came home, my fairytale walked right into my life.  If that isn't God, I don't know what is!!
Together, Joe and I have learned a lot from each other.  Well, I have!  There have been compromises...disagreements and agreements.  I can safely say that we haven't had more than 2 real "fights" our entire relationship.  We just work together.  We work toward each other.  We know it takes work.  And I wake up everyday knowing I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, with anyone else in the world. 

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