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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ice and Snow and Fun....oh my!

As most of everyone is experiencing...the ice is upon us! Our trees are broken, our sidewalk is slippery and my car is unmoveable.  It's crazy cold out there!!  But Ainsley just wanted to stay outside and play.   She helped Joe a little yesterday while he was removing some limbs from our house-mainly she was doing her own thing. 

But she likes to think she was helping!  I finally coaxed her inside with a promise to play later.
Well, later turned into tomorrow.  Aunt Candice stayed the night with us, so all three grown ups got dressed-and Ainsley, too-and outside we went!! Ainsley can see her Mammy's house from our front yard, so I knew it wasn't long before we were headed that way.  Lucky for us, Noah, Sandy, KK & Crew were there.  So KK and Mammy got their gear on and came out to play, as well.  Sandy and Noah joined us, too! 

Even Joe and I had a little fun of our own!

Mammy taught Ainsley that she could eat the icicles!!
All in all we had a pretty good day!!  We had lots of fun in the snow. 

As much as I hate cold weather, I do thank God for our everydays.  It is very beautiful outside, and living in OK we don't get this every year.  Ainsley really enjoyed her day.  And isn't that what life is all about??
I will leave you with some interesting pictures of the ice around my neighborhood!

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