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Friday, February 19, 2010

"Mommy? U wanna play princess wis me?"

I hear this question everyday!  It's so cute!  I bought Ainsley and KK a trunk with dress up clothes for Christmas.  And they love it!  Ainsley has to be "play princess" everyday.  I will say that's its not only me, but her daddy, too!  He taught her to use the magic wand and he even wears a crown every now and again. 

I was truly given a "girly girl" by God.  Everytime I'm getting ready to go somewhere, there she is.  Right next to me putting on her make-up too!  Lately she has been able to reach inside the drawer to her barrettes and comb.  And boy does she look good!  :)
She's such a sassy little thing.  Look out world!
Another aspect of the girly-ness...is her babies. She takes such good care of her babies.  She walks them...she feeds them...she changes them.  (with real food and diaper, no less)
We have to take our babies with us all the time.  Her favorite baby is Amy.  Amy is never far from our side.
(Thank you Haddee for giving her Amy for her 1st birthday)
Often times we have more than one baby.  I actually thinks they come in two's!

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