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Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines 2010

I had a good plan this year.  I always have good plans....and they never come into play!  On Thursday, Ainsley woke up with a fever.  On Friday, we spent much time in the bathroom spitting up.  On Sat, she felt ok enough to make her valentines and bake & decorate cookies.  But that's about all she could muster.  She smiled pretty for the camera, but she felt awful.
She even gave a Valentine to Daisy!

She taped Lucy's Valentines above her bowls so she could see them.

All her cookies wrapped up and ready!

Since mommy was all tied up with her sick baby, Daddy had to get her a VDay present!  She loved all her little goodies!  Especially her Tinkerbell sucker.

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