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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Diva

My sweet angel...she is HIGH MAINTENENCE!  But I love her!  :)
She loves to dress up.  In anything!! If I try on clothes...so does she.   If I try on shoes...so does she.  There are days when she will walk into a room with an entirely different set of clothes on than she had on 10 minutes before.  Here are some fun pictures to prove this...
I stepped out of the shower...and she had on my clothes I just took off.

Minnie Mouse!

In her "princess dress" playing with the castle.

Phone? CHECK!  Sunglasses? CHECK! Ready to roll...

She's ready to play ball.  She may even run backwards...who knows!
Fedora and red shoes.  Every girl needs these for a shopping day!

She picks out the best shoes.  And Divas ALWAYS wear pink.

Ainsley is also very kind.  When she loves you...she LOVES you.  She takes such good care of her babies.  And of Lucy.  I have such a good dog to put up with all this "attention".  Sweet Lucy gets "ponynails", barrettes and costumes, as well.  But Ainsley just love her.  When it was time for Lucy's nap, Ainsley got her a pillow and blanket so she would be comfortable.

There isn't anything as sweet as watching your baby take care of something/someone else.
I sure hope she's learning this from me! 

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