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Monday, April 26, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter this year was very fun!  Ainsley and I woke up early and colored all her eggs.  (all 6 of them!) 

Playing with her "Little People"  the bunny brought her

 But I think we woke up TOO EARLY.  Daddy went fishing the night before and didn't get home until after we were awake.  So he got ready for church and laid down to take a nap before he headed out.  My princess was getting a little grumpy, and kept getting in trouble, so I knew she needed to lay down for awhile.  I put her in her bed to watch 'toons and then proceeded to finish my make up. 
After I was finished, I went into her room to get her up so we could head to church.  But she was ASLEEP! 
So with 2 of my family members sound asleep, I made some coffee, said a prayer and watched TV in my quiet house.  (which NEVER happens)  I could have woke her, but I knew that we had a long day and it was never going to be good if I didn't let her sleep.  Needless to say, we missed church.  But we were ready to go at any moment!  LOL
Ainsley finally woke up around noon...so we woke daddy and headed down to Mammy's for our EGG HUNT!  Since it was raining last year, I didn't know how my princess would fair.  We didn't practice, so it was all very new.  But she caught on very quickly!

Show me what you found!!

Our babies...they grow up way too fast!  I never knew this to be so true.  Last Easter we only had 4...and now we have 5!  And they "big kids" are getting to be so much fun!  They can talk to each other now, and it is so funny!  But getting them to sit in one place, at the same time and smile...well, it takes work!!

Ainsley, Crew, KK, Braxton and Tucker

These girls are such fun! BFFs

All in all, our Easter was full of fun and laughs.  Good food, good family....
The Lord has blessed me with so many things.  Thank you's will never suffice.

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