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Sunday, June 27, 2010


We got the swimsuits out...filled up the pools...and turned on the sprinklers!  Summer is here!  And it's freakin' hot!
But the kids don't let that keep them down.
These girls are so much fun!  They are best friends.  I love my precious girls...look how much they've grown!
They love to play in the water and outside in the sprinkler.

For Father's Day, mommy had to work in the morning, so Daddy, Grandma, Candice and Ainsley took Papa Jumbo out for lunch.  Mommy was sad because they went to Zio's, but Ainsley brought me some good spaghetti!
That night we went to eat with DanDan at his house.  We all went swimming and enjoyed the beautiful evening!
These little ones are becoming such fish!  Ainsley still holds on pretty tight, but she's getting more and more brave. 

She can even swim on her back!

The next night, we had dinner with Papa Steve for Father's Day and his birthday.  We cooked out and played outside.  By the end of the night, those girls were laughing like crazy with their Papa Steve.  They had so much fun!  And boy, were they showing their tricks!  Ainsley wasn't ready to Papa to leave...she asked the next day if he was coming over again!  :)

We had such a busy weekend...I think they were wore out!

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