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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And the time has come...

Ainsley's last day of school for the semester was Dec 7th.  I stayed so I could take some pictures of her in school...now that she likes it! 
I tried to get most of her favorite teachers, but you know Ainsley, she had to have me watching her ALL THE TIME!
The class does Learning Centers first.  There is Art Table...Writing Table...Game Table...and an extra table that has a different name depending on what they're doing that day.
Here is Art Table...
Look how FAST she's coloring!

This is Mrs. Owens....Ainsley's FAVORITE teacher
And Game table 
Ms. Kristen teaching them how to play dominos (the preschool version, of course)
And Writing Table\
Tracing her S's
And on this day....Playdough Table
This is Cooper.  Ainsley is very fond of him.  (;
While I took this picture, I told her to make sure Cooper had some playdough to play with, too.
He then proceeded to look at me and say, "I don't care.  I gave her all mine."
Isn't he sweet?!?! 
I don't know who he likes better, me or Ainsley, but Cooper sticks by us almost the entire time I am there...everytime I am there.

They decided to play alone during the bathroom break. (leaving me to fend for myself with jumping boys!)
The snack for today could be made into a snowman!
included hot chocolate of course!

Cooper is sitting at our table...and Ryann (Ainsley's favorite friend) is sitting across from her.
She doesn't stray far from her favorite friends!
After snack it's time to go outside!  I wasn't excited about this part, but I just rolled with it!
She really wanted to go outside and play...with Cooper. They rode their tricycles the entire time.  She didn't get very far on the grass, but she sure tried!
Next it was time to give away our goodies and do the book exchange.  I think Ainsley was getting a little tired, because all of a sudden she clammed up and started getting shy.

She really just put the books on her legs and Cooper took charge.  (What a guy to let her sit and him do all the work!)  She got Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer book...AND SHE WAS EXCITED!

The Whole Class!
BR: Ainsley, Tulsi, Addi, Jared, Domini, Kaiden, Denver, Cooper
FR: Alexis, Miley, Madison, Jayla, Ryann, Eshaan, Jaden
(Our friend Eshaan is moving back home to India over the break...and we will miss him very much!  I got to become friends with his mom, and personally I was very sad to hear they were going)

Ainsley didn't want to tell her teachers goodbye...but she told me she would miss them.
As a goodbye present, I helped Ainsley make these pendents for her teachers that wouldn't be coming back in the spring semester.

I didn't get to talk to them...so I hoped they liked them!
And for our friends we created a little goodie bag
All was well and I hope all her friends and teachers have a FABULOUS HOLIDAY!

Here are all the goodies we came home with...

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