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Monday, December 6, 2010

hApPy HaLlOwEeN

On Friday afternoon, downtown Chickasha had their Trick-or-Treating.
Sandy, Noah and I got the kids in their costumes and headed out!
We had to stop by the bank to pick up Noah, and let everyone see how cute our kiddos were.

Crew didn't really get into "asking" for candy, but he sure looked cute walking around!
He swiped a sucker from the bank and was happy for most of the time we walked around.
There were times when we had to stand in line for a minute, and eventually we needed a sucker break
Afterwards, the "BIG KIDS" had to go home and change for our own Halloween party
(Thanks Evva for having us)
John and Lorena Bobbit
Fred and Wilma Flinstone

 Some of the party goers...

Mel was the best back-up karaoke singer EVER!

On Saturday....the real Halloween, we took the kids trick-or-treating in Noah's "new" neighborhood.
They did so very good!  Ainsley got the hang of it and just took off.  For being so shy, she really liked ringing doorbells.

When it started getting really dark and the bigger kids started coming out...we went to Mammy's and helped hand out candy.  Ainsley enjoyed that just as much, I think.

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