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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

We just got home from Breck Sat night...and Sun morning we awoke to dress in our Easter best and head to church.
Every year we go to church with my grandma.  This year was no different...except we all stayed in the nursery/children's church.  Ainsley was nervous to stay alone and Millie was asleep-so Joe and I accompanied them.
After the service, we all went and ate with the church members.
I didn't assume Ainsley would want to hunt eggs since she didn't know any of the other children.
I was wrong.
So she just grabbed what she could and held them in her hands!

Uncle Kenny gave Millie her very first Easter egg

At 4pm, we headed to Mammy's for dinner and to hunt eggs with KK and Crew.
Here are my beautiful girls...
And then add some other babies I love...
Aren't they the cutest bunch?!?!
Mammy got Millie a special bunny since the big kids get "big kid" toys.
She rolled on the floor loving this bunny all evening.

Let the hunt begin!

Thanks Maloree for the help!

Noah kept trying to get Crew to run with the girls, but he just kept saying "No Thank You."
And when he would see an egg, he would just walk over and pick it up saying "I'm coming."
He is so funny!

Look at all those eggs!  

Doesn't she look so excited?  :)

This is her "but I don't want to take a picture" face.
We caught this onry little mess doing this...


I know that Easter isn't about eggs or bunnies or even family.  But I love that there is a holiday that I can get my babies all dressed up, go to church and have my family all together.
Aren't these the blessings that I should be thanking Jesus for?  
He died so that I could live.  And I live everyday thanking Him for just that.
My cup overflows...

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