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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

There's only...

One Tree Hill.
This show is my favorite show.
I am literally obsessed with it.  I have seen every episode. 
More than once.
Ok...more than twice.
Yes, I do own the seasons on DVD.
Yes, I still tear up when Lucas kisses Peyton after the State Championship game in Season 4.
Yes, I get butterflies in my tummy when Julian proposes to Brooke in Season 7.
And when Haley sees Nathan for the first time after he was kidnapped in the hospital...chills run up and down my arms. 
I loved Season 9!!
But my favorite show has ended.  I cried.  Real tears of sadness.
Close to the final episode, I started looking back at all the pictures and fun stuff online.
(there are a lot of websites about OTH!)
And I came across the CW contest where you could win some props from the show. 
I, of course, entered! (TWICE) But I always enter drawings.  And I never win.  So really, what's the hurt in entering more than once??
Look at the cool props! I would just LOVE to have something real from the show that I didn't have to spend hundreds of dollars bidding for on ebay!

And then my door bell rang.  It was an envelope from FedEx.
Upon closer examination...(look closely at the return address)
I won something! I don't know if I was more excited that I got something from OTH or that I (ME) actually won something!  Out of LOTS of people!  I never win even when I'm trying!
I got a copy of Lucas' book (not a real person so not a real book) and a pom pom from one of the Ravens games. (In my dream it's from the last scene from the last episode. But who knows...a girl can dream, can't she?) 
I text everyone I knew would understand what this meant to me!
They can laugh....all who are reading can laugh...but it's my thing.  Get over it.

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