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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shrek Forever

I took Ainsley to see her first movie in a theatre.  Our friends, Jennifer and Cooper, invited us along with them to see Shrek Forever in 3D.  I thought Ainsley would love this movie!  Especially if it had the "Shrek babies" in it!  I was wrong about so many things...except that she DID love the Shrek babies!  :)
The movie started at 10:15am, but I swear the volume in that theatre was so loud you could hear it from the lobby!  So, of course, she cried.  And cried.  We had to take a bathroom break 3 times before the movie started.  Which was ok since there were 30 minutes of previews.  Seriously?!?!  This is a kids movie...they don't have patience! Anywho...
Once the movie started, we put on our glasses.  Silly me, I thought (AGAIN) that since this was a kids movie they would have small glasses.  And I was wrong!  So Ainsley had to hold her glasses on.  She was a trooper, but did eventually give up to eat some popcorn! 
That's not her happy face!

She did like the movie...especially the "Shrek babies" and wanted to see it again.  But to quote her, "we don't need to go to the movies.  it was TOO LOUD!" 
After the movie we went to the Disney Store.  I thought they would have some "Shrek babies" for purchase so she would be happy about the movie I made her sit through.  They didn't!  (This day was making me completely wrong!  LOL)  But she enjoyed playing in the store.
Also, just around the corner, they were giving away spicy chicken sandwiches from Chick-fil-a!  Free from Chick-fil-a is ALWAYS a good day!  But we had to get the kids something.
So Cooper and Ainsley sat quietly on the stools and waited in line with us!  YEAH RIGHT...they're 2!
They got up...and got down...and spinned around!  And kicked each other...

It was a fun day and Ainsley took such a good nap.  But let me tell you...she is still not happy about that movie being so loud!

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