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Monday, January 10, 2011

Children will be...well, children.

Nana and I were joking the other day...we talked about the kids could probably stay alone because Ainsley would take care of them.  She being the boss and all!
Well, this picture is worth a thousand words!

"AL!  Mammy!  She peed everywhere!!"
Yes, this is Ainsley holding KK's pants and toilet paper (to wipe her, of course. Even if she peed on the floor, she still has to be wiped!)
And then KK...just so worried she's going to get in trouble. 
When you're laughing and taking pictures, you just can't get on to them! 
I'm still laughing...

Then we took off to AL's the afternoon.
And no matter the weather, we DEF still have to drive the barbie beejit.
I love my little kiddos.
They make my life so much better every minute...
And then I walk in the living room to see Crew throwing the "tunnel" to the tent looking like this:
Hello...Single Ladies!!
I never knew letting the girls watch that video (from Glee not Beyonce) would have so much effect on him!
Isn't he a hottie?!?!

Whomever in this world cannot enjoy their children...cannot feel joy.

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