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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Princess Wedding

On Sat June 4th, my cousin Ashley Firestone got married in Ardmore.
I love weddings and wasn't going to pass up getting to see this Princess on her day.

All the girls ready to head to Ardmore!  I knew better than to put Ainsley's dress on before we got there...we all learn from our mistakes!
The wedding was outside at a little park...and it was BEAUTIFUL! (and although the weather is crazy, it really wasn't that hot)  Ainsley thought Ashley was a REAL princess!!  She was so impressed we got to go to a REAL princess party.  All she wanted to do was talk to the Princess.
I got to see some family I haven't seen in a long time, which was really nice.
Then we headed to the reception at the Ardmore Convention Center.  I must say, this was one fancy reception!  It was something out of a daydream!  Cathy did a fabulous job!

The bride and grrom had their first dance...
Then she danced with her father...
Joe and I enjoyed watching everyone dance and enjoy themselves...
I wish I wasn't so pregnant and I would have joined in!
I love a good reception!! (but I was not going to be that girl that everyone congratulated because I still boogied with a big belly!  And I can barely cover these boobs...I didn't need a celebrity slip!)
All girls need a make-up check!
Mammy and Ainsley doing the CHA CHA SLIDE!

And when she saw the other girls had heels one...she quickly asked to borrow mine!
When we got in the car to go home...much later than we thought we would...Ainsley told me the next time she would see that Princess would be at Disney World!  :)
What a great day and beautiful wedding!
I wish many more happy days to the newly married Jimmy and Ashley Hoggard!
(they went on their honeymoon to Disney World!  I guess Ainsely was right..Ashley was a REAL princess)

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